Nostrils of the Holy - EP

by Vieja Viajes

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It's like, Five Star Hotel meets Bedroom Pop. So much potential, so badass. Favorite track: Que Three El Five One.
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The Debut EP of Vieja Viajes. Enjoy or else.


released July 31, 2013

All Tracks Written, Recorded, Performed, and Produced by:Matt McCroskey
All Tracks Mastered by Nat Wesley
All Samples brought to you by the fair use doctrine




Vieja Viajes Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Que Three El Five One
I've waited too long for this
I've waited too long for your kiss
I've waited too long for this
and I don't want you to be another one
that I miss(ed)

An endless summer is all I need
We could just waste another day
And endless summer is all I need
before fall comes and takes you away
Does it have to be this way?
Track Name: It's Partly Cloudy in Philadelphia
I can't figure it out
Why it still bothers me
We've both moved on but still something inside
makes me hate you still

maybe it's just jealousy
that I was never meant to be
the one to make your face light up
Brighter than the moon tonight

I'll probably never see you again
or I'll try to make that my goal
I'll never be sure where I went wrong
when you realized you didn't want my hand to hold

The awkward moment has passed
and the truth it is unspoken
I wish for all my life that I can go back and change it

because I 'm tired of making amends
and I'm tired of being friends
Why don't you just pack up and go somewhere
or just go to him

The clouds overhead
look ominous too me
they remind me that I'm holding back a storm of truth
that somehow I can't let go

You Say I just want to be a kid again
and I agree and let it sink in
but it just feels like I'm sinking
down and there's no way out

You say “lets swing one last time”
and then say goodbye
But I still wait for some right moment to come
but it might never be hear

but the awkward moment has passed
and the truth is still unspoken
and I wish for ally my life that I can go back and change it

but as we hug and say goodbye
and you go back inside
I can't believe I missed the chance to
change our lives I guess

as I drive away the sky it closes in
as the rain pours down and the thought of you controls my mind
I can't take it any more until I can get the courage to
tell you that you mean
more than
to me